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Calendar and Appointments

These days it's hard to keep our calendar up-to-date and not let meetings and appointments slip through the cracks. That's where we step in to take care of all your digital scheduling. We will keep you on track and on time.

Business Emails & File Management

Our staff can take care of all your business correspondence, utilizing professional language and proofreading to make the best impression. This includes both internal and external letters, sales and marketing as well as personal correspondence.

Graphic Design

See our gallery below! We create professional, high-quality newsletters as well as beautiful flyers to market your business, holiday, or event.

Social Media Management

We create and post social media posts, videos, & reels consistently to your platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.


Our staff is trained in Quickbooks Online to record all your financial transactions including AP, AR, sales receipts, bank reconciliations, quarterly tax filing, annual tax prep, printing checks, and running reports.

Creative Copywriting & Blog Posts

Have your website, brochure, social media, or other materials expertly written and formatted for you. We will even upload it to your website or social media platform for you!

Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading is about finding errors that were either missed or introduced during editing. Proofreaders ensure that the document's final draft is completely free of errors and the document adheres to the chosen style guide.

Expert Transcription

Need something transcribed? Want to have a recording or video put into black & white? We do expert level transcriptions from English (including Hebrew phrases & words written in English or Hebrew letters). We can type up speeches, classes, conversations, & more.

Bulk Email Campaigns

We will handle your bulk email campaigns whether to your entire list or to just a segment, using Constant Contact or MailChimp.

Professional Presentations & Voiceovers

Have your webinars and classes slides professionally designed with or without a perfect voiceover accompaniment.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management: Manage your online presence and engage with customers. Maximize visibility, build brand loyalty, and increase sales.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design: Professional visuals for your business. Stand out and engage customers with eye-catching flyers, newsletters, marketing materials.

CRM Set-up and Maintenance

We work with Pipedrive to create all the pipelines, goals, strategies, sync emails, link apps and also create all automations to help you keep track of your existing customers, leads, deals, and contacts.

ShulCloud Services

Our virtual assistants are experts at using ShulCloud for synagogues for member management, financials, website maintenance, bulk mailings, registration forms, & more!

Davii Mandel


Davii has been working in the administrative office space and/or running her own businesses for more than 15 years. She loves helping small business owners succeed. She made aliyah with her husband in 2021.

Jessica Bendahan

OfficeGirlz Manager, Websites, Logos & Social Media

Jessica, who is originally from Canada, made Aliya in 2018. She has over 15 years of business management, public relations, administration, marketing and sales experience. She is well-organized, punctual, and enthusiastic about her work. She also has a creative side and speaks both French and English flawlessly.

Merrin Brown

Administrative Assistant, Executive Support, General Office Tasks

Originally from South Africa, Merrin made aliyah with her husband and three children in 2021. She has many years of office admin experience and is super organized!

Ayelet Goldberg

Administrative Assistant Specializing in Graphics & Social Media

Ayelet moved from the US in 2010 and grew up in Israel and is fluent in both English and Hebrew. She has experience in office administration and social media, and loves to create art in her spare time.

Rosalie Mark

Administrative Assistant to Shuls

Rosalie was born and raised in Texas and made Aliyah to Israel in 2000. She loves working with our clients and helping them with their customer relations. She has an expert eye for detail, which serves her well in administrative tasks. For fun, Rosalie loves to relax with a good book!

Cathy Sweid

Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeping, General Office Tasks

Originally from the UK, Cathy made aliyah in 2013. She has a solid background in office management & bookkeeping and loves to help her clients modernize and streamline their businesses. Cathy has lived and worked in three countries and she speaks English, Swedish, and Hebrew.

Maria Goltzman

General Administration, Marketing & Graphic Design

Maria, originally from Russia moved to Israel in 2010. She has more than 10 years of experience in administration, office management, business development and marketing. Maria has lived in Russia, Austria and Israel and speaks Russian, English, German and Hebrew. In her spare time she loves to paint with watercolors.

Sylvia Pollard

Certified ProAdvisor - Pollard Financial Services

Sylvia is our Quickbooks expert strategic partner. She provides superior bookkeeping services to our clients. Based in the US, Sylvia is ready to keep your books in order and will take care of state sales tax payments as well.

Luiza Salikhova

Professional Graphics Designer & Social Media Expert

Luiza is originally from Russia and made Aliya in 2016. She has over five years experience in graphic design and social media marketing. She has proven experience in redacting and editing. Speaks and works in Russian, Hebrew and English. She is attentive to details and uses every chance to improve her skills.

Elton Mwangi

Copywriter-LinkedIn Expert

Based out of Kenya, Elton is a lead gen specialist for OfficeGirlz, heading up our lead generation operations on LinkedIn and email. He also doubles as a copywriter for websites and blogs. During his spare time, he relishes playing chess and reading literature.

Jezliah Villarreal

Supervisory Administrative Assistant

Jezliah, who is originally from Texas, made aliyah in 2010. She has over 15 years of experience in administration, business management and development, team management, graphic design and social media marketing. She is also fully fluent in Spanish! Jezliah is a creative professional who loves helping her clients think outside the box and obtaining their goals.

Leah Kanowitz

Administrative Assistant to Shuls

Leah holds a Bachelors degree from McMaster University, studying media and communications. She loves organizing and inputting data. Originally from Canada, Leah made Aliyah with her husband and loves living in Israel.

Izzy Leizerowitz

Professional Presentations & Voiceovers

In addition to Izzy's extensive experience in business development and real estate, he also freelances as our Power Point & Canva designer and voiceover specialist, who can turn your business presentations into powerful videos. Izzy lives in Israel and loves playing basketball with his grandkids.

 This is the 3rd book that I am self-publishing and the first book that I am working with a professional editor.  Davii immediately made me so comfortable with her accepting, patient, non-judging way.  Davii is professional, down-to-earth, patient, and knowledgeable. Even though I have been using Word for years, Davii showed me so many shortcuts and ways to format that I never would have imagined.  What a surprise bonus to using her skills! Davii is an excellent editor. She steered me in the right direction more times than I can count. I was so much happier with my book after working with her. I am so grateful to have found such an amazing editor! 

Chana KleinLight FROM the Darkness Series

 I just have to say I was so impressed with what a difference it makes! I thought (my master’s case review) was good before I sent it to you, but obviously there is such a difference when you send (your work) to a professional editor. I think it was very valuable for me because in the future I will want to continue using this service. Especially the fast turnaround and it terms of how the paper was presented. I will be telling my friends about this. This was really, really, very much appreciated and made a huge difference! 

RachelPhysician's Assistant Student

 Ms. Mandel took the time to review my website and she proposed some very innovative ideas that will make my website more user friendly. In addition to correcting standard grammatical errors, she was able to offer to advice on presentation and suggestions on target audience demographics. I highly recommend Ms. Mandel and will use her in the future. 

Ezra PerlmuterOwner ELD APPAREL, LLC

 The edits were fantastic and super helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! 

LeaPhysician's Assistant

 Davii has a smooth process and an eagle eye. She notices all the little details and offers you different options for changing things the way you'd like it. 

Sara EinhornCopy Writer, Core Copy

 Davii has proofread and edited dozens upon dozens of papers for myself and for my various businesses. She's a superstar editor! She's fast and professional. She comes highly recommended! Appreciation from Ohkie & WeFoundd. 


Individualized Attention + Quick Response Time + Quality Work = Satisfied Clients. Pick the virtual assistant pricing plan that works for you!



  • Up to 10 Hours of Task Work Per Month

Startup 101

  • Up to 16 Hours of Task Work Per Month

Startup Plus

  • Up to 24 Hours of Task Work Per Month

Small Business Plan

  • Up to 40 Hours of Task Work Per Month

Monthly - Professional Plan

  • Up to 20 hours per week/80 hours per month.
  • This gives you a part-time secretary of your very own!

Monthly - Gold Plan

  • Don't need a full time worker but 20 hours a week isn't enough? We've got you covered with our 30 hour per week/120 hours per month plan!

Monthly - Platinum Plan

  • A full-time secretary dedicated to your business for up to 40 hours per week/160 hours per month.

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