Health & Wellness - Time To Dial Up a Health Coach

By Izzy Leizerowitz

For some, the issue is food. What they eat, how much they eat, why they eat, when they eat, etc. For others, the issue could be how active they are, or how much nutrition they take in. You need a Health Coach to help you adopt healthy, long-term, sustainable behaviors that can change the course of your life. A Health Coach will prepare you to facilitate healthy lifestyle changes through physical-activity guidance, nutritional education and behavior-change coaching. As Cedric Bryant, ACE (American Council On Exercise) Chief Science Officer states:

 “People don’t just need an exercise program or a diet plan. They need an expert who can guide and empower them. They need someone who can connect with them in a way that makes them believe they have the ability to make meaningful and lasting changes.”

Most people won’t reach out to a health coach unless something changes in their lives. Such as:

You know you can’t make changes alone. You need a coach, mentor or partner.

You have gained weight and your body is changing and you don’t know why.

Your family has a history of being overweight with related illnesses and you are scared it could be your turn.

You need/want to lose weight fast and want to do it safely, and naturally.

You suddenly develop a craving which you never had before, indicating your body is missing nutrients.

You are stressed and it’s manifesting in the way you eat and your overall health.

You want your family to incorporate a healthier lifestyle.

You are clueless as to why nothing is working to maintain your normal weight levels and your health is suffering.

If you have gained weight, or if you are suffering from chronic health issues that are blood sugar-related, high cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammation or arthritis, or other health issues, you may be able to improve your health quickly through food and nutrition.

A Health Coach can help you navigate through all the nutrition information, which can be contradictory to figure out what works for you and your health.

Start the first step today! Reach out to us and let’s get started back on the road to better health!