Israeli Startups - BSeed Investments NY - A Background

By Izzy Leizerowitz

B.Seed Investments organizes groups of people who want to invest in startups, within the parameters that the Israel Securities Authority and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission place for these types of investments. Our Chairman is Eliezer Gross, who also founded and is Chairman of our sister company, Besadno Investment Group.  Through our Parnasa Fund, we offer small investors the opportunity to invest small amounts of money from approximately $10,000, and enable them to buy a piece of that startup’s dream, which, if it comes to fruition within the relatively brief time span of 2-3 years, will offer returns that are many times more than the initial investment. Of course it is understood that this type of investment has some significant level of risk and that must be taken into account. For that reason, we recommend that people invest modest amounts and not all their wealth. We spread out the investment over a number of start- ups in order to minimize the chance of losses.

Besadno has had two exits where investors made a good return, plus a number of businesses that paid people a generous dividend on their investment. And Baruch Hashem, we haven’t had any losses so far. By the way, this does not mean we won’t have any in the future, but over the past four years we have not had any losses. We have over 1,300 investors and they are very satisfied.

Our investments are supervised by the Badatz Eida HaChareidis, so many sectors of investments are off limits to us, such as gaming, gambling, and companies which operate on Shabbos. Since all our contracts are subject to Halachah, investors who do not understand our needs are not generally inclined to join. For this reason, we prefer to focus on the Chareidi community. As mentioned, we are built on the premise that everything is from above and nearly all of our employees are shomer mitzvos and believe in this concept. In addition to our company’s moral values we also have a strong foundation of professional values. We believe in using the best consultants and advisors on the market.

Six months ago, B.Seed asked Gabby Hasson to join the team as CEO.  Gabby came with over 30 years of proven experience in the Investment, IT and cutting-edge technology space focusing on navigating and uncovering opportunities for optimum growth and profitability.

Utilizing his M.B.A from the Hebrew University, Gabby has previously held management, business development, project management, sales and marketing positions, at CB Alliance, IBM, and HP, as well as Mashik Consulting and CTI.  He has been especially adept working in Investments, uncovering and enhancing solutions for Mobile Telecom, Banking, and Online Marketing. Gabby was part of building the prestigious Global Technology Unit at IBM (start-ups and tech).

A Zaide recently shared with me that he felt that this was the only chance for him to do something that would give his grandchild a possibility  for a  future home.”                    Gabby Hasson